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The Truth About Books About Druids

Who were the druids, and how do you learn about them? Depends on what you want to know.  But mostly from books. I wanted to learn everything I could about the druids of the Iron Age that was backed up … Continue reading

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Home of the Veneti

56 B.C. was the third year in  Julius Caesar’s war of conquest against the many tribes of Gaul. The contestants that season were the residents of Brittany. The most powerful tribe in the area (per Caesar), the Veneti, lived around … Continue reading

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French Oppida Article

“When I began to visit these Iron Age ghost towns in 2008, I assumed the French were proud of their Gaulish ancestors. Amused disdain verging on total indifference would be closer to the mark.” That’s a quote from Graham Robb, … Continue reading

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Musings on History and Historical Fiction

Is history a cold collection of facts that only a historian could love–until a novelist or screenwriter comes along and picks up those facts, uses them for kindling,  and gets a good blaze going so that everyone else is drawn … Continue reading

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