March 2014 Contest: Post a Picture

CheaperThanTherapyNature. Cheaper than therapy.

Great sentiment, huh? It was posted by Sacred Mists, and I don’t know if it’s original to them or came from somewhere else, as most things internettish seem to circulate a bit.

The idea is so true–especially for writers who tend to spend too much time in front of their computer and not enough under the sun.

Forget writers.  I think I just described almost everyone in the 21st century. And I am not disparaging therapy. But sometimes what we really need is to get out.

Everyone benefits from a walk in the woods. Like these.


Even if your “woods” happens to be a beach, a scrubby desert habitat, or a duck pond at the park.

8a73d119dc3817f6c1f11cedcd39f1c5This is a river near Paimpol, in Brittany.

I would love to see more pictures. In fact, if you will post your favorite picture of a natural setting–beach, meadow, forest, desert, mountains, but no urban landscapes, art museums, or selfies–I will pick the best one at the end of March and send you a copy of either of my books: Death Speaker or The Boomer Book of Christmas Memories. Your choice.

Where to post it? Facebook! Just go to either the Death Speaker page or my author page (Vickey Kall).  Once there, you can post your picture to either page.

1618657_1426886400882687_415097543_nIt must be a photo of a natural setting.  The only other rule is that you have to say where it is, and if you didn’t take it, I think you should state where it came from. For example, the picture just above came from the Stay in Ireland FB page, and I saw it on the Ireland of a Thousand Welcomes page.

The pictures will be judged by me, and I will very subjectively pick my favorite. And it won’t matter if you took the picture or not.

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