Death Speaker’s Facebook Page

The book (Death Speaker) has a Facebook page, and while I don’t always take the time to write an essay on this blog, on that page I try to post something of interest about Gaul or the Celts everyday.

Just in the past week or so, here’s what’s been posted on Facebook/Death Speaker:


  1. Pictures of Celtic coins and a link to article about the very recent finds of coin hoards in Bulgaria
  2. Mention of Barry Cunliffe’s new book, Celtic from the West 2
  3. A few paragraphs about Imbolc
  4. A couple of posts about Le Mormont–a Helvetian sanctuary and gravesite filled with artful offerings, recently excavated
  5. A few jokes and silly pictures (of course! It is facebook, after all)
  6. A video of an interview with Barry Cunliffe
  7. Aerial photo and link to article about a Scottish hillfort dating from 400 BC

Any one of these could be a fascinating blog post (well, maybe not number 5) had I the time to dig in and do some research–but that doesn’t mean you can’t dig in and enjoy the photos and follow up on stories you find interesting!

So please, follow the Death Speaker page and enjoy. I will keep up the posts–one a day, relating to Celts, Brittany, Gaul, the Iron Age, megaliths, museums–and occasionally, a cartoon.

WritersHangout360,Dec.PS: If you are a writer as well, I have an author blog ( and Facebook page. The blog focuses on writing and marketing lessons that I’m learning and sharing. The Facebook page has a lot of jokes and quotes, announcements of my publications and posts, shares from editing and publishing experts, and stories that interest me–like a link to an article by Malcolm Gladwell elaborating on the “10,000 hour rule.”

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