The Making of a Book Trailer

I’m not quite sure what to do with it–besides telling all my friends to check it out on YouTube, of course–but Death Speaker now has a beautiful book trailer, and I am very proud.

I shouldn’t be too proud because I didn’t put it together or compose the music. That was done by Dan Wheeler of Horizon Productions. But I did provide most (not all) of the pictures and script, so I guess I can take some credit.

About those pictures:

  • The one that appears behind the title & my name is of an Allé Couverte in Brittany, a 3,000-3,500 year old passage grave site (the body is long gone) with carvings of spirals, etc. inside.
  • The next picture is of Carnac, an equally old field of standing stones that Emyn visits in Chapter 18.
  • The pictures of forests were taken at Paimpont Forest in Brittany, also called Broceliande, an incredible place that everyone should see.
  • The picture behind the “Where to buy” text–as well as the book’s cover–is of the Pointe du Raz,  wild and windy peninsula. Several islands lie off the coast here, and for the cover we had to photoshop out the lighthouses that currently stand on them.

Why did I wait a year before getting a book trailer? That’s easy: money. Los Angeles–my home town–is host to many budding film producers, directors, musicians, screenwriters, actors, and all manner of technicians involved in film and the creative arts. They are all struggling to make a living. Like me! So much as I wanted to, I couldn’t really throw any work their way because I didn’t have the spare cash for that particular endeavor.

But I’m glad I waited because the end product is beautiful, don’t you think? If you’d like to contact Horizon Productions for a book trailer or music of your own, you can go to their website or send a message to .DSVidPic

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