Best . . . Review . . . Ever!

I am on Cloud 9.

No, I am beyond Cloud 9, looking down on it in fact. *

The Historical Novel Society has just issued their review of Death Speaker. It begins with the words, “Powerfully written.”

I had to stop reading at that point and take deep breaths while pinching myself. I am as insecure and fragile as everyone else is. My biggest nightmare was that I’d finally get a review from a classy organization like this and it would say something like “trashy and disappointing.”

Moving on, the reviewer–Steve Shaw–describes the story and my writing with phrases like:

“Kall recreates the climate of impending disaster and gives voice to the trampled tribes. There is an air of unexpected and tenuous mystery that adds flavor to this novel . . .”

“Kall’s writing is quite impressive, showing considerable craft . . . “

“Great reading”

Bliss. Utter bliss. Please forgive me this indulgence; I know it adds nothing to your knowledge of ancient Gaul. But I am one happy camper right now.

* Cloud 9 actually doesn’t have anything more going for it than Cloud 7 or 8, according to this exploration of the origin of the phrase.


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One Response to Best . . . Review . . . Ever!

  1. David Wilson says:

    I love what you do, thank you x

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