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Ancient Traditional Walk in Brittany

In my humble opinion, Brittany is one of the loveliest areas in France. I offer as evidence my only picture of Locranon, a town with bodacious hydrangeas. (Since I set half of Death Speaker in Brittany, you may already suspect … Continue reading

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New Review

From Sammy the Bookworm: “Emyn is a young Celtic girl living in her village with her family and close relatives. Emyn’s life is as normal as could be . . . until she meets the white women. Soon Emyn becomes … Continue reading

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Crossroad Markers

Crossroads appear in Death Speaker. As one ghost tells Emyn, “A crossroads is a dangerous place to tarry.” At a crossroads, the boundaries of the physical and spirit worlds meet and under the right circumstances, ghosts could venture into our … Continue reading

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Welcome to A Lot of Gaul

Just to set the stage: I am Vickey Kall, author of Death Speaker, a novel of Ancient Gaul–the part of Europe that we now call France. I’ve set up this blog to delve into some of the things I learned … Continue reading

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